Unfamiliarland (TV - Comedy/Drama)
When the patriarch of the Lowe family dies, his three adult children discover many shocking secrets from his past, including the suggestion that he may have been an alien.

Co-written with Nick Weiss-Richmond.

  • Finalist, Oaxaca Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, 2018

  • Semifinalist, Screencraft Pilot Launch TV Script Contest, 2018

Heaven Springs, NY (TV Pilot - Comedy)
Natural Resources officer, Roy Barton attempts to save his small town by bringing in a nationally televised fishing competition. Things start to unravel when a talking fish named Frederick Bowers begins feeding him information.

Co-written with Nick Weiss-Richmond.

  • Semifinalist, Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition, 2019

  • 2nd Round, Austin Film Festival, 2019

  • Quarterfinalist, WeScreenplay TV Contest, 2018

Earth on Heaven (TV Pilot - Comedy)
All Jeremy wants to do is die. When he's unexpectedly granted his wish, he finds out that heaven is filled with the same annoying issues as earth.

  • 3rd Place, Cinequest Screenwriting Competition, Teleplay 30 minutes, 2016

  • Finalist, New York Screenplay Contest, Television Pilot - Sitcom, 2016

The G.O.A.T. (TV Pilot - Comedy)
When disgraced NBA star Germaine “Germ” Ellis burns out of the league, he gets one last shot at basketball in China but learns that it’s much tougher to acclimate to a different league and culture. Can he behave himself, or will he revert to his old ways?

Co-written with Thomas Mentel.

  • Finalist, New York Screenplay Contest, Television Pilot - Sitcom, 2019

  • Quarterfinalist, Screencraft Pilot Launch TV Script Contest, 2018

Conundrum Integrated (TV Pilot - Comedy)
A mystery-solving gang lives in Scooby Doo’s shadow. Their cases suck, and their talking cat sidekick would rather be getting drunk than trying to one-up their more famous rivals. Can they keep it together long enough to prove themselves even once?

Alive With the Glory of Love (Feature - Comedy)
In the middle of detention, Grace's first boyfriend drops the bombshell that his family is moving to New Orleans that afternoon. She convinces her best friend Vicky to chauffeur her across the country to get him back. Never mind it’s 2005, a world before GPS, and they’re only 16, brimming with teenage angst.

Co-written with Magdalena Waz.

Best Rate Guaranteed (TV Pilot - Comedy)
After being dumped by his longtime girlfriend, Adam finds himself living in the worst hotel in Chicago. When the hotel goes into crisis mode, Adam discovers that the doomed establishment and its band of misfit employees might just be exactly what he needs to move on.

  • Quarterfinalist, Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest, 2015

  • Quarterfinalist, Cinequest Screenwriting Competition, Teleplay 30 minutes, 2017

  • Quarterfinalist, NexTV Writing & Pitch Competition, 2017

Full Court Press (TV Pilot - Drama)
Disgraced NBA player Jared Lynch turns to god after meeting a mysterious man. The only person to question his religious awakening is young reporter, Ellie Hammons.

  • Quarterfinalist, Cinequest Screenwriting Competition, Teleplay 60 minutes, 2017

You, Me & Me (Feature - Comedy)
When hopeful romantic, Andy, meets Lily, the woman of his dreams, he thinks he's truly found happiness. But when an uninvited visitor from the future arrives, the entire relationship is threatened.

Adapted into a short film.

Vacation Face (Feature - Comedy)
When her life begins to fall apart in New York, Dani returns home to Hartford, discovering that her family may be in worse shape than she is.

Co-written with Nick Weiss-Richmond.

Young Detectives (Feature - Comedy)
Twenty years ago, "The Young Detectives" were a group of young actors starring in teen mystery movies. Now, they're reuniting to make a new film—one the public doesn't want and the Detectives can't handle.

  • Semifinalist, Screencraft Comedy Script Contest, 2015